Getting it Right

Getting it Right (GIR) is more than a policy it is a way of being. It is a system based on praise and instilling in students that their choices and actions lead to consequences. It is based upon a points system which operates in all lessons allowing us to monitor behaviour and how students approach their studies. Based on the data from GIR we can reward students who meet our expectations and offer support and guidance to those who may struggle. Below you will find copies of the slides used to promote GIR, and a information booklet explaining how you can support your child to Get it Right.

‘Getting the point’

The progress made by you during a lesson will be impeaded if:

  1. You are not prepared for the lesson (Preparedness).
  2. You do not conduct yourself in an appropriate manner during the course of the lesson (Foundations).
  3. You do not fully engage with the lessons activities.

You will therefor not have made appropriate progress and will not be able to earn your GIR point.

C1 – Direct warning to the student

C2 – Loose the ability to ‘Get the Point’.

C3 – GIR detention for 20 minutes.

C4 – Removal from the ‘department’ for the remainder of the lesson. GIR detention for 60 minutes.

Before the lesson

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Arrive prepared to the lesson (equipment, books, focused on the learning.
  3. Ensure home work is complete.

During the lesson

  1. Be positive – be prepared to make progress.
  2. Make sure you understand and meet the success criteria
  3. Questions – ask them, answer them!
  4. Focus on your presentation – hand writing, underlining, title and date.
  5. Help others.
  6. Make sure you understand the homework.

At the end of the lesson

  1. Review your progress.
  2. Ask yourself have you met the success criteria.


If you have done all of the above – you have

‘Got It Right’

If you have not got it right – make sure you know what you have to do next time!

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